AI Training Service.

Your custom-made automatic point cloud classifier – trained and tested for your use case.

What the AI Training Service achieves.

Manually annotating data in 3D point clouds is a very time-consuming process.

You can significantly reduce this effort of manual annotation with our AI-based training service. It offers you automated and customized classifications with the help of AI. We train a model just for your use case to give your performance a boost and open up new possibilities.

Our clients reported for some scenarios that the classification effort could be shortened from several days (with manual annotation) to a few hours when using our AI Trainig service.

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How does the AI Training Service work?

You can either quickly generate training data yourself in our Pointly platform or through our labeling workforce. If you have already labeled data, you can leverage this as training material for your classifier and get a jump start with our Service.

Our team of AI experts will accompany you in this process, defining KPIs according to your needs and regularly updating you on performance.

To start the training of your AI model, you’ll need to upload your data to Pointly and manually classify your point clouds to generate training data for the model. As soon as you have a decent amount of training data, we can start training your classifier.

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Then the model can take over to classify your point clouds, and you only need to make manual corrections. The more often this process is repeated, the better and more robust the model gets. So do the manual work a few times and then rarely ever again.


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How you get your hands on the new AI Training Service

  1. Use the form below to submit your inquiry.
  2. You will receive a Pointly Professional Account to upload your point clouds. The data is split into three batches. Each batch is labeled, either by you or through our labeling workforce*. Then, we run training for each batch, optimize them automatically, and report the performance back to you.

Do you want to know more, or do you have any questions? Please read our FAQ or send us an email to!

*Labeling fees apply at competitive rates.

What you get:

  • A Professional Pointly subscription
  • A personal consultation session with our AI experts to assess your goals and define KPIs
  • Regular performance updates on the training progress
  • An AI point cloud classifier, tried and tested for your use case that you can keep using and training

Please fill out the form down below to inquire about an AI Training Service with us.


Training Service FAQ.

Simply tell us about your use case in the linked form. It takes less than 3 minutes! Or send us an email to

Once we have trained a neural network classifier for your use case, we can automatically classify new data.

  • We will provide you with a Pointly Professional License. That means you can upload your point clouds into a custom project.
  • Does your data already contain labels? Great, we can start straight away with training a classifier on those.
  • Don’t worry: Pointly was built for quickly generating training data if you don’t have labeled data. You can either do it yourself or order a labeling service through us.

5-15 days of labeling work provide a realistic start for a Proof of Concept. That means you will get a solid estimate of the future potentials of AI but not yet a production-ready model. This number can, of course, vary a lot depending on your use case and the desired performance. We are offering you a briefing call where we clarify all specifics that apply to your use case. You can choose to either invest that effort yourself or hire a labeling service from us at competitive rates. More training data is naturally always a benefit.

The first and most crucial step is that you choose a test site to be put aside. We will not train on this test site but will use it to evaluate the final performance of the neural network. We will keep you updated on the current performance-based, on cross-validations within the current training set during the training process on the separate training data.

We have tried and tested a process in previous projects to split the data into three evenly sized sets, beginning with the first, then adding the second, and so forth. Why this iterative approach? Because it allows us to evaluate how performance increases with additional training data, and it gives you more flexibility and control when generating training data. After every iteration, we provide you a short report on the current performance.

Afterward, you can keep using your neural network for classification tasks and re-train it with more data based on standard charges.

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