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The User Guide is your source of Pointly knowledge. You’ll find helpful hints and tips, and a detailed description of how to use Pointly from start to finish. You can find the User Guide here.

To use Pointly, all you need is internet access and a browser. A fast upload link is beneficial if you intend to upload large point clouds. Dynamic point loading ensures seamless visualization even for vast point clouds.

  • Pointly uses the open-source Potree Viewer (https://potree.github.io/) to visualize point clouds efficiently in the web browser. For a smooth experience, while working with big files, we recommend a terminal device with a GPU.
  • Even though other browsers are supported, we recommend using Google Chrome.
  • You can simply create a free account to test performance on your system.

Pointly allows you to export your classified files in .las/.laz format. Your annotations are stored for every point in the Classification Dimension of the .las/.laz format according to the class IDs of your label catalog.

You can open to further edit, filter, analyze or convert these files in any other software that supports the .las/.laz format.

If you are interested in fully automated classification – customized to your files, please have a look at the Pointly Services or get in touch with us via sales@pointly.ai.

After uploading your file, it needs to be processed by Pointly before you can view and edit your point cloud. The processing itself is directly dependent on the size of the point cloud. This process typically takes between 5 and 30 minutes but should never exceed the 2-hour mark.

If the point cloud status is queued, our servers are busy and will be scaled up automatically. After a short delay, free capacity is made available for your point cloud.

Pointly supports point clouds with the LAS and LAZ format. However, for faster uploads, we recommend using the LAZ format because of its better compression.

Furthermore, we recommend LAS version 1.2 with point format ID 3. There is also limited support for LAS version 1.4 with point format ID 7.

You can create a free account to upload samples of your files to be ensured they are processed. However, there might be very rare cases for corrupted LAS files where the processing fails. Please contact us if you are unsure how to prepare your files for Pointly.

Depending on customer demand, we will add support for additional data formats. However, the preferred upload format is .laz because of its compression, which benefits fast uploads. Contact us at info@pointly.ai to leave any feedback about common data formats you think we should support in the future.

You can always convert your point clouds to Las or Laz to import them to Pointly. For example, the Open Source Software Cloud Compare helps you to achieve this within very few clicks.

We also created a blog post about converting point clouds with simple python code (https://pointly.ai/how-to-convert-your-point-cloud-data-into-las-laz/).

You can create and upload three projects with a free account, each with a maximum of 15 million points. Also, the export function is disabled. Otherwise, there are no functional or time limits for free accounts. Please note that we will prioritize upload and processing requests for paid users. Free users can upgrade at any time to unlock the export function, unlimited projects, and different storage tiers.

At the moment, each Pointly account can only access its own point clouds. However, we plan to offer sharing and collaboration functions in future releases.​​​​​​​

If your subscription runs out, you will automatically be downgraded to a free account. We will store your data for one month, which protects your subscription and data, but you will no longer be able to upload new files or export the existing ones as a free user.

To have your account and all related data removed, please request this via support@pointly.ai.


In the rare case that the status of your uploaded point cloud returns “failed,” we are notified and will check our logs to find out what happened.

On your end, please check if you can open the uploaded file properly in any viewer or if the file itself is somehow corrupted. If your file seems to be okay, please do not delete it so that we can investigate the error. You can also contact us via e-mail to describe the issue or wait until we come back to you with a solution.


Yes, it is! Pointly is hosted on Microsoft Azure which encrypts storage containers by default with 256-bit AES encryption. It is one of the safest encryption standards and meets the FIPS 140-2 standard for US-Governmental data. All your point clouds and associated data are secured with this encryption. Additionally, our user management builds on Azure Key Vault and ensures that you have complete control over who can access your point clouds. While using Pointly, all communication is run through an encrypted https connection.

Pointly Services are on-demand advanced analytics for you. These include automatic Object Detection, Instance Segmentation, and generation of additional data products such as DEMs, CAD Models, and Shapelayers from your point clouds.

Pointly Services can be directly integrated with your classified Point Clouds in Pointly, allowing you to use them as training data for automated classification. If you have a custom use case in mind, you can inquire about a solution tailored to your specific needs.


We are always happy to receive your feedback! If you have an idea for a feature you would like to see in the next update, forward us your thoughts via info@pointly.ai


Pointly offers educational licenses on request and proof of affiliation with an educational institution. Please contact sales@pointly.ai to learn more about the discounted rates.


No, currently, there are no plans to implement an on-premise version of Pointly. We are continuously enhancing our cloud platform and focus on the best experience with minimum user requirements.


FAQ on Pointly Pricing.

No, to try out all the main features of Pointly, you can simply register without any commitment. You can upload files up to 15 MPoints completely for free. To enable exporting your classified point clouds and lift the set limitations of the Free Account, you can upgrade to a Professional Account at any time.

Please request your upgrade via email (sales@pointly.ai) and we will follow-up with the instructions.

Payments are processed via PayPal. During the process, you can choose between credit card payment, bank transfer or using your PayPal account. For the first two options no PayPal account is required.

Payment is due on the same date every month. For example, if you complete your monthly subscription on August 25, the next payment is due on September 25.

Once the access to your Professional Account expires, the account will be downgraded to a Free Account.

If you do not extend your access within 30 days after your Professional Account expires, please be aware that your point clouds may be deleted.

If your subscription runs out, you will automatically be downgraded to a Free Account. Unfortunately, after the downgrade, you will not be able to create new exports of your classified point clouds, so please make sure to do so beforehand.

We will store your data for one month in case you want to renew your subscription. After that time, all files exceeding the limitations of Free Accounts may be deleted.

Yes! You can delete files and upload new ones up to the maximum storage capacity of your Professional Account.

Every month you can upload files up to the maximum storage size allowed under your subscription. This means for a Professional M Account with 5,000 MPoints of storage, up to 5,000 MPoints of new files can be uploaded every month. You will be notified via email once you get close to this limit.

There are 2 types of Pointly Accounts. First, the Professional Account which comes with different storage sizes and secondly, the Annotator Account. A Professional Account can be