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Tags for point clouds – Categorize your point clouds

published: 04.05.2022

Custom tags for point clouds

Custom tags for point clouds are free text fields, to tag the point cloud and/or comment on the point clouds to categorize them. For example you could tag all point clous that have the same characteristic with the same tag, like “LiDAR”.

Applies to: all accounts

For single or several point clouds at once, freely defined Tags can be added. They can be used to assign tasks to persons, to document a status or to add other meta data to the file.

Tags are searchable, so you can filter the list of point clouds for a specific person, status etc.

1 Add and remove custom tags

Tags are available both for Free and Professional Accounts. For now, adding tags is possible on point cloud level only.

1.1 Add tags

For your convenience we implemented a few ways to add tags. The first one is for a single cloud. Just hover the cursor over the cloud and then click +Tags to open the pop-up to add tags.

Screenshot of Pointly Dashboard with marked Tags element

The second option enables adding tags to multiple clouds. For that you have to click the checkboxes for the desired files and then click button + Add tags to open the pop-up. You can always see the number of selected clouds right near this button.

Screenshot of Pointly Dashboard with marked Tags element

To select all clouds in the project simply check the checkbox in the header. By unchecking it you would unselect the clouds.

Screenshot of Pointly Dashboard with marked Tags element

1.2 Add tags pop-up

To open the popup use one of the options described above. When the pop-up is open, start typing a tag and use Enter or Tab buttons to confirm it. Keep in mind that you can add up to 50 tags for a cloud. The length of a tag is limited to 20 symbols. Then press the Save button to add the tags to the point clouds.

Please notice that copy paste option is not working. In case, you paste a few different words, it will be counted as one tag. If the length is longer than allowed, the text will be trimmed.

There is no need to care about duplicated tags because the system checks it for you. Additionally the autofill option will suggest tags in case there are tags with matching text.

1.3 Remove tags

To remove tags just click “X” sign behind a tag. It’s as simple as that!

2 Search by tags

We enabled the option to search by tags. For now Search includes Names, Tags, Dates, characters.

Just click the search icon and enter the tag or a part of it. You will be shown all the matches for your request.

pointly dashboard with marked option to search by tags in the upper right corner

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